Stewart Warner Fuel Pump Kits

Looking to buy a Stewart Warner Kit? Stewart Warner made mechanical pumps from 1929-1934. They lost a patent infringement suit to AC Spark Plug, GM’s fuel pump maker. The Stewart pump factory, all blueprints and tooling, and all contracts with auto and truck makers were transferred to
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Vibration Dampeners

Squishy, oil-soaked, separated dampeners? Re-Vulcanized the original way! Our “Photos” section shows the process…Vulcanizing forces the rubber into the crystal structure of the steel- the strongest, longest-lasting rubber to metal bond.Nothing beats it for longevity and durability, bu
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1934 Chrysler / DeSoto Windshield Weatherstrip

1934 Chrysler Airflow CU, CV & 1934 Desoto Airflow SE “Windshield Weatherstrip Center Post” DPCD# 484326 Re-Vulcanize new rubber to your old steel bar $145.00 (plus S & H)
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Bearing Support Cushions

We re-make your separated or torn supports in our US Vulcanizing Tooling!
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Hudson Motor Mounts

Our parts might cost a bit more than some other people's...they're re-made here in the US by US workers using US tooling in US machinery just like the originals were, to give you back the real thing you sent in!
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Kaiser Motor Mounts

Front and rear motor mounts for Kaiser, Frazer, & Henry-J. Motor mounts for vehicles ranging from 1947 - 1955!
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Willy’s Motor Mounts

Vulcanizing forces the rubber into the steel's crystal structure to make the strongest, longest-lasting rubber to metal bond. Nothing beats it!
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Plymouth Motor Mounts

Re-vive your old squishy oil-soaked mounts with R-Vulcanizing in our tooling. Have your mounts re-done the way Chrysler did it long ago - two of our presses are from the Chrysler testing labs used back in the 1930's!
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Beware of the “Flea Market” Fuel Pump Kit!

Dear Fuel Pump Restorer, The kits people find in flea markets have never worried me – they are a far cry from what I make and supply to the restoring/rebuilding public. Old and shabby, handled by hundreds of people. They once were kits for what the box said, but now are random a
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Which Fuel Pump Kit Do You Need?

While pumps were being made there were often small changes which change the repair parts needed. To send the right kit we need to know which one you are working on! Take a Chevrolet 6 for example: from 1937 to 1954 "the same pump fits" - but in that time 14 pumps were issued originall
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