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Bearing Support Cushions


We re-make your separated or torn, squishy, oil-soaked supports in our US Vulcanizing Tooling.
Our “Photos” section shows the process…Vulcanizing forces the rubber into the crystal structure of the steel- the strongest, longest-lasting rubber to metal bond. Nothing beats it! Watch out for urethane poured into clay molds- that repair won’t hold up long! Make sure you are not being scammed by “cold vulcanizing”.
Center Bearing Supports are often made of several parts: Bearings, Grease seals, and Cushions or Bearing Mounts. All parts sold separately. Cushions are grouped by their application, part number, and Models.
Where there’s a gap in our coverage, we’ll consider adding to our support tooling to help a restoration or keep a driver going- but we need good samples to do so!

Please Note:You must send in your old support- all the parts of it. Additional charges to repair or replace damaged steel plates. For earlier models or ones not listed, please inquire! Call, fax, or e-mail us with any questions. We ‘re: www.then-now.com Thanks!

Propeller Shaft Center Bearing & Support: 7 or 8 Pass. Sedan & Limousine
666885 1937-38 P4,P6,S3,S5 Insulator uses 1 -need sample!
676614 1938 C18 Insulator uses 1 $ 44.50
693268 1938-42 D11,14,19,22,P8,10,12,C16,18,22,24.25,27,28,33,34,37,S6 Support uses 2 $ 44.50 each
1405372 1953-54 Desoto & Chrysler 8 Pass. uses 1 $ 44.50
Bearing Housing Re-Building- new bearings and seals Labor Plus Parts:
626248 1937-39 Ball Bearing 7507(207S) uses 1 $ 37.18
632538 1937-38 all Seal, Front uses 1 – need sample!
668509 1937-38 all Seal, Rear uses 1 $ 39.50each
668509 1939-48 all Seal, Both uses 2 $ 39.50each

Chrysler Airflow Custom Imperial 8 CW 1934:
1934CWset 1934 CW only Set of 4 mounts $ 250.00set
626428 1934 CW Bearing- front $ 37.18
626429 1934 CW Bearing-rear – need sample!
1672378 1955 C70 Crown Imperial $ 125.00 1672382 1956 C70,C73 Imperial 4 7/16”CtoC $ 125.00 1739981 1957-58 4 7/16”CtoC $ 125.00 1856942 1959-66 Imperial Convertible Coupe $ 125.00 1856948 1959 MY1 w/air susp. 2 ½” CtoC $ 125.00 1945831 1960-66 Imperial, Crown, Lebaron $ 125.00
1319735 1955 C70 99506 (206FF) $ 27.11 1672051 1956-64 All 107DD $ 40.18 2533204 1965-66 All X908CC $ 99.50 NLA


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