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Vibration Dampeners

Squishy, oil-soaked, separated dampeners? Re-Vulcanized the original way! Our “Photos” section shows the process…Vulcanizing forces the rubber into the crystal structure of the steel- the strongest, longest-lasting rubber to metal bond.Nothing beats it for longevity and durability, but tooling is expensive and the re-vulcanizing takes a lot of time and ... Read More
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Hudson Motor Mounts

Our parts might cost a bit more than some other people's...they're re-made here in the US by US workers using US tooling in US machinery just like the originals were, to give you back the real thing you sent in!
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Kaiser Motor Mounts

Front and rear motor mounts for Kaiser, Frazer, & Henry-J. Motor mounts for vehicles ranging from 1947 - 1955!
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Willy’s Motor Mounts

Vulcanizing forces the rubber into the steel's crystal structure to make the strongest, longest-lasting rubber to metal bond. Nothing beats it!
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Plymouth Motor Mounts

Re-vive your old squishy oil-soaked mounts with R-Vulcanizing in our tooling. Have your mounts re-done the way Chrysler did it long ago - two of our presses are from the Chrysler testing labs used back in the 1930's!


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