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Fuel Pump Repair Kits

FRESH KITS for Mechanical Fuel Pumps (bolted to the motor & operated by an eccentric on the camshaft.) We also supply new Electric Fuel Pumps and are developing services for firewall-mounted Vacuum Tanks.

Our kits contain all the parts usually needed to repair an old, tired pump. Diaphragms, gaskets, seals and valves are all new fresh stock of materials intended for use with today’s fuels, including fuel with alcohol content. Our diaphragms are made of fabric reinforced Buna-N Nitrile rubber- the correct choice of the more than 400 different varieties of synthetic rubber made today. It is the one, single, correct, material for use with today’s fuels. We’ve seen our kits in service after 40,000 miles and 10 years of driving and they show very little aging.

Our line of kits continues to expand; we cover AC and AC-style pumps (by Airtex, Kem, Capac, Blackstone, etc.); English AC and French AC pumps; mechanical pumps by Stewart-Warner (made in 1928-33 only- not their electric pumps made later or their firewall-mounted Vacuum Tanks) and by Carter (“CAR-bure-TER”) as well as some kits for SU, Fispa (Italy) and other foreign pump makers. Rebuilding services only available on others.
*AC Marine double diaphragm pumps – rebuilding services only. No kits for electric pumps, sorry!

We now list more than 350 different kits, adding more constantly.




From $27.50 to $54.50
*These do not cover dual diaphragm Marine pumps- See Rebuilding below


“DUAL ACTION” (Pumps Fuel and Boosts) Kit:

$69.50 to $79.50
*Manifold Vacuum for wipers and heater controls



Fuel Pump Rebuilding Services:

Labor and kit parts.
*Spring and casting replacement extra






AC, AC-STYLE & CARTER: $135.00



Only $110.00!!



ATTENTION!*Attention owners of AC Military dual action fuel pumps*

We have done our best to hold the pricing on rebuilding one of these pumps for a number of years, but the time has come that we have to increase that cost. Up until now, we just absorbed the cost of the extra parts that go into them, and can no longer do this. We apologize for having to do this, but the rising cost of materials gave us no choice. Please note that this price increase only pertains to the AC Military dual action pumps. They are identified by their unique fuel casting design which uses 10 long screws to secure it to the body casting. These screws are approximately 1 3/4″ long. These pumps also use 6 valves in the fuel casting alone. The new price for rebuilding one of these pumps, as of February 15, 2011 will be $155.00 plus the usual shipping/handling. We hope you understand and will continue to send these pumps in for rebuilding.

Thank you,

Then And Now Automotive

Your pump is disassembled, bead blasted, and re-assembled with our new stock parts and tested for pumping action and leaks. Castings and arm and linkage are checked and repaired or replaced as required, at an additional charge.


All Our Kits contain, where applicable:

Diaphragms: diaphragm cloth if diaphragm was originally held together by a nut and washer, OR complete staked assemblies (cloth, metal protector plates, and pull rod) where required as original. You are never expected to stake a diaphragm together yourself; if you have a kit of ours and find you must- call us for help!

Check Valves or Valve and Cage:

*Whether the early flat plate and separate spring style or one-piece, modern caged style

  • Check Valve Gaskets – Gasket to cyl. block
  • Filter Bowl or Pulsator Gaskets – Filter Bowl Screens
  • Oil Seals & Retainers – Rocker Arm Springs


Most Kits also provide:

Rocker Arm Pins and Rocker Arm Bushings.
If they don’t, we don’t recommend taking the pin and the arm out. The old castings may be too fragile!


Kits Do Not Contain:

  • Fuel or vacuum pressure springs – most available separately starting at $4.50 each
  • Fuel or vacuum linkages (most available separately, or repairable, inquire!)
  • Pump rocker arms (seldom available except with new pumps. Repair service available with pump rebuilding.)
  • Glass or Metal Fuel Bowls and Bails (most available separately $7.50 to $35.00)
  • Replacement castings are rare, especially in original AC Script or any Carter casting – please inquire!


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