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Hudson Motor Mounts


Re-vive your squishy soft, oil-soaked mounts with true Re-Vulcanizing in our tooling.
Our “Photos” section shows the process… New rubber formulated for vulcanizing is readied in a” lab mill” (a roller-crusher), the precise quantity required is placed in the steel tooling, heated to 325‟ and then pressed under 20 to 40 tons onto your old motor mount‟s carefully cleaned and straightened steel plates. A coat of paint and they‟re ready for many more years of service. Vulcanizing forces rubber into the crystal
structure of the steel- the strongest, longest rubber to metal bond. Nothing beats it!

Watch out for sharpies who pour urethane
into clay molds and call it vulcanizing!

It works for weatherstrips, mats, and mounting
pads for lights, not motor mounts.

Our mounts are either US NORS or Your mounts re-done the same way Hudson made them long ago, using vintage presses from a Chrysler 1930’s design lab!

Mounts are grouped by their location, first, then part number, then by Models. We‟ll always consider adding to our selection of mount tooling to help complete a restoration or keep a driver going- but we need good samples to do so! Check our website under “Photos” for more mount pictures.
Call, fax, or e-mail us with any questions.

Please Note:Please Note: You must send in your old motor mounts to exchange or be re-vulcanized. Additional charges made to repair or replace damaged mount plates. For earlier models or ones not listed, please inquire! Thanks!

47121 /47123 1932-47 Hudson 6 & 8 & Truck upper $ 32.00pr
47121/ 47123 1932-36 Terraplane 6 & 8 upper $ 32.00pr
47122 /47124 1934-47 Hudson 6 & 8 & Truck lower $ 16.00pr
47122/47124 1932-36 Terraplane 6 & 8 lower $ 16.00pr
300149 1948-54 Hudson 6 (exc. Jets) $ 44.50ea
308313 1953-54 Jet, Super Jet, Jet Liner $ 44.50ea(R&Ronly)
3131967 1955-56 Wasp 6 40– Hornet 6 60 Right ?? Need Sample!
3131968 1955-56 Wasp 6 40– Hornet 6 60 Left ?? Need Sample!
6471062 1955-56 Hornet V8 5680 – Hornet V8 50 $ 150.00 pr(R&Ronly)
3150303 1957 All V8 $ 150.00 pr(R&Ronly)

Our parts might cost a bit more than some other people’s…they’re re-made here in the US by US workers sing US tooling in US machinery just like the originals were, to give you back the real thing you sent in!

Strong, Durable, Long-lived, Vulcanized Rubber Parts!
On the right is the Hudson Jet front mount re-vulcanizing mold tooling……and on the left is the tool for the # 42545 rear mount. All US-made Parts for real US parts for US cars!
42545 1934-41 Hudson 6 & 8 $ 44.50
166257 1942-47 Hudson 6 & 8 $ 44.50
300798 1948-50 Hudson 6 & 8 $ 44.50
304656 1951-54 Standard Trans Exc.Jet $ 44.50
304430 (Right) 1951-54 w/ Hydramatic Trans ?? Need Sample!
304431(Left) 1951-54 w/ Hydramatic Trans ?? Need Sample!
309567 1953-54 Jet, Super Jet, Jetliner $ 54.50 New Tool thanks to your sample!
3134444 1955-56 V8 40,60 Std. Trans $ 42.50
3136790 1955-56 V8 40 w/ Hydramatic ?? Need Sample!
3138628 1955-56 V8 60 w/ Hydramatic ?? Need Sample!
3144807 1955-57 V8 80 Std. Trans. $ 42.50
# T-2040 Rear Spring $ 75.00pr
-a part we made because the other guy’s bumpers break off at the first hard bump!
301612 / 305647 1948-52 Hudson $ 45.00 pair R&R Only
Yes, these are more expensive than some by a Hudson specialty house-simple reason:their cheap Pourable Rubber and Tin Can top version wouldn’t hold the weight!
Pourable rubber only holds when no working strength is required.

Best of luck with your Hudson!


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