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Kaiser Motor Mounts


Re-vive squishy, oil-soaked mounts- exchange them for true, US, NORS Vulcanized Mounts. Our “Photos” section shows the process….Vulcanizing forces the rubber into the crystal structure of the steel- the strongest, longest-lasting rubber to metal bond.

Nothing beats it! Watch out for sharpies who pour urethane into clay molds and call it a motor mount-those won‟t hold up long! Mounts are grouped by their location, part number,then by Models. As old stock runs out we will tool up to keep these mounts available by re-vulcanizing them in our shop. When no or few aftermarket mounts are left, we re-vulcanize and return your mounts. Where there‟s a gap in coverage, we’ll consider adding to our mount tooling to help a restoration or keep a driver going- but we need good samples to do so! Call, fax, or e-mail us with any questions.

Please Note: You must send in your old motor mounts, so we can keep these available. If your old mounts are not sent in with your order, a core charge will be applied. Core charges are refunded when complete, undamaged mounts are sent in to us at your expense. Additional charge to repair or replace damaged mount plates. For earlier models or ones not listed, please inquire! Thanks!

Front Motor Mounts:
200202 1947-50 Kaiser $ 24.50
200202 1951 Frazer $ 24.50
209236 1951 Frazer w/Hydramatic -Need Sample!
207406 1951 Kaiser $ 34.50
207406 1952 Virginian $ 34.50
213100 1952 Deluxe $ 34.50
207406 1953 Kaiser $ 34.50
209522 1951-55 Henry-J – All-State $ 34.50
213100 1952 Manhattan $ 34.50

Rear Motor Mounts:
201365 1947-48 Kaiser $ 24.50
204315 1949-50 Kaiser $ 34.50
204315 1951 Frazer $ 34.50
209284 (right) 1951 Frazer w/Hydramatic $ 39.50
209285 (left) 1951 Frazer w/Hydramatic $ 39.50
207407 1951-55 Kaiser w/Std. $ 39.50
209284 (right) 1951-55 Kaiser w/Hydramatic $ 39.50
209285 (left) 1951-55 Kaiser w/Hydramatic $ 39.50
RD2032 1951-55 Henry-J / All-State $ 49.50


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