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Stewart Warner Fuel Pump Kits

Looking to buy a Stewart Warner Kit?

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Stewart Warner made mechanical pumps from 1929-1934. They lost a patent infringement suit to AC Spark Plug, GM’s fuel pump maker. The Stewart pump factory, all blueprints and tooling, and all contracts with auto and truck makers were transferred to AC Spark Plug in 1933-34. After 1934 no Stewart mechanical pumps were made. AC switched over all of their new customers, except Caterpillar (see below), to AC pumps and scrapped the Stewart tooling. Zinc Alloy Die Castings in this period were often fragile due to impurities in the zinc, so pumps are often hybrids, repaired with whatever parts could be found. AC style generic fuel cover castings will fit if the screw holes are enlarged. Correct Stewart castings always say “Stewart Warner” or “Stewart Warner Traffic Tested”.

There were no aftermarket SW Castings. Only the basic repair kit parts were available in auto stores. AC issued their versions of several SW pumps, so it is important to look your pump over carefully for info. Identify Stewart Warner Pumps to find the correct kits by the numbers on the pump castings and rocker arms.

-the pump “fuel cover” is on top of the pump with the inlet and outlet fuel fittings
-the pump “body” which contains Rocker Arm and the ears to hold the pump to the block

Please Provide for Kits:
The Pump Number: is stamped into a small rectangular raised pad on top center of the fuel cover. This stamped-in number will be the Group number and the Kit number.

The Body Casting Number: is raised out of side of the body casting

The Rocker Arm Number: which is raised out of forged arms or into riveted plate arms

Our SW KITS: The 12 Stewart-Warner Fuel Pump Groups made are covered by our 8 kits. SW-376, SW-397, SW-403, SW-407, SW-414, SW-506, SW-514, SW-527, SW-706, SW-708, SW-807, SW-814

Each Group has a separate kit except groups SW-403, 414, 506, & 514 which are covered by the same kit.

[gview file=”https://www.then-now-auto.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/SW-Pumps-to-Kits.pdf” cache=”0″]


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